The Memphis Flyer has published an account of February’s Big Island Circumnavigation, written by Driftwood, Mark River, and Wolfie.  It chronicles the ten day expedition up the Arkansas River, around to the White River, and down to the Mississippi. The adventure was broadcast virtually to students in Helena, Arkansas, and St. Louis, Missouri.  Two Mighty Quapaw apprentices from the Kipp: Delta Collegiate Prep joined in on the trip, and the account of these high schoolers’ experience is a large part of the Flyer’s feature.

…When we made our quick turn up the Mississippi, all went still and dark. The narrow harbor channel expanded into an openness that rivals the ocean. A panorama of nothing but water surrounds you for miles in three directions. Nightfall widened the space even further, beyond the visible. The space absorbed all of the buzz behind us into motionlessness. And you never would have known that the force of several Niagara Falls was rolling in the water beneath the canoe. We paddled up the quiet river behind frosty breaths and looked for a sandy spot to make a quick camp.

Like a rock thrown in the water, the circumnavigation of Big Island had begun, perhaps the first circumnavigation by canoe since this area was abandoned by the Quapaw people…