Last week BackStory released their show about the Mississippi River. “We’ve tried to tame and shape it,” they write, “but the Mississippi River always seems to go its own way. In this episode, we’ll discover instead how this ‘lawless stream,’ as Mark Twain called it, has ended up shaping us.

You can stream the podcast below, download it from BackStory’s website, or download it free on your tablet or smartphone from the iTunes store.

In the story, Driftwood Johnnie is interviewed about his involvement with the river.  They did a great job, but we wanted to let you know they erred a bit with the story of his 5-month raft trip back in the eighties.  They say the collision and breakup happened after a day on the river, but it actually occurred much farther into the trip, in fact 150 days into the trip, the day the duo left from Memphis.

It’s a great history of some of the lesser known sinews that make up the identity of the river.  We know you’ll enjoy!